Friday, 3 August 2007

A taste of the future in Tenbury Wells

With the marked increase in the levels of pollution and chaos in Market and Teme Street, are we seeing into the future.

If the proposed plans for the Biomass Power Station at Bromyard Road Business Park goes ahead then we can probably look forward to both.

Perhaps not if, but when.

With the project being sponsored and underwriten by Worcester County Council, with an estimated £1M grant from the EU via AWM, the land jointly owned by Malvern Hills District Council, who are also the planning authority, Worcester County Council, the sponsor and AWM, the grant holder and the Government backing "Green Power" what chance public opinion.

We might as well agree for the developers to give all the shop keepers six months paid holiday, the householders one years Council Tax rebate and run a shuttle bus service to Bromyard, Leominster and Ludlow whilst the work is done. Dream on.

Alternatively, they will probably agree not to proceed, then early one morning after a power cut move contractors in and start anyway, saying only one person objected, but they didn't understand the history. Whilst all the parking in the town centre is suspended and the shop keepers already weakened by the floods close down one by one.

If the timetable on the official website is to be believed then the road works associated with running the cables to Burford should start even before the current "road-works" in Market Street are finished.

There could also be the nightmare situation of having suffered all the inconveniences, the plant built, the council tax papers money spent, the farmers crops planted and the Power Station sitting unused.

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