Tuesday, 7 August 2007

"only a blow in"

I have been asked, why am I so staunch in my support for Tenbury, after all, I am only a blow in.

The simple answer is that I live here through choice, not by accident of birth.

Tenbury may or may not be unique, but it is certainly different from the other places that I have lived and worked.

I like Tenbury because:

  1. The natives are (mostly) friendly.
  2. I can walk (easily) to the Bank, Post Office, Cinema, Dentist, Doctor, Swimming Pool, Primary School, Secondary School, a great range of shops, (the list could go on....)
  3. I can walk down the high street in overalls & boots and I don't look out of place.
  4. I have Owls, Buzzards and other wildlife in my garden, yet I live in the town centre.
  5. My daughter knows nearly everyone in her school, yet the school is of a reasonable size.
  6. I know most of the local councillors, I may not always agreed with them, but I know who they are and not just their names.
  7. Most of the shops are independents, yet their prices are (mostly) competitive.
  8. We have proper, oily rag garages that understand vehicles and are not just component changers.
  9. Our local press is just that, local.
  10. We have a great Postal Service.
  11. The weekly market maybe small but is well balanced.

The main key to this is the town centre and its traders. We must support them, and they must be allowed to survive and thrive.

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