Sunday, 19 August 2007

Tenbury Wells Car Park - End of free parking.

Sometimes I feel that I am shouting into the void that is cyber space, other times I know I'm not alone.


Katie Johnson BBC Hereford & Worcester. Newsy wise, we keep pushing for free parking in Tenbury Wells and Upton on Severn as it officially comes to an end this weekend. Tried Malvern Hills District Council but couldn't get them on the programme, but lets hope they were listening as that many shops still shut or empty they need time to get back on their feet, lets have it free until the New Year please.

Jonathan from Tenbury You're quite right about free parking Katie. In Tenbury alone, it's said that in Teme Street, 28 businesses are open, 20 are closed and 4 are vacant. Round the corner in Market Street 6 are open, 13 closed and 2 vacant. As a business myself, we have had the loss adjuster visit and they are being very supportive, but the builder reckons it will take five to six weeks to tear up the floors and walls and rebuild our little shop on Teme Street, so if this applies to all businesses, it will take until late October before things are opening again. So the parking ought to be free until October and then should stay free to encourage a boost for Christmas, so December would be better. Thank you for your support with this.

Chris from Tenbury Wells Hi Katie. Thanks for taking up the Tenbury parking issue in your Tuesday programme. MHDC's fortnightly approach isn't really working. If MHDC announced free parking until Dec 31, this could be well-publicised, which would encourage people to come to Tenbury, which is what the shops need. On another issue, loads of drains are still blocked in Tenbury.

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