Friday, 3 August 2007

Temporary Traffic Lights - Market Street

Well it's only lunchtime and I've already spent an hour today waiting in line at the temporary traffic lights in Teme/Market Street.

As the traffic lights are run by Worcester County Council, I thought I would give them a call.

It transpires that all traffic lights, must by law be fitted with a sensor to monitor if traffic is approaching/or waiting.

This surprised me as I had seen a green light at the Kyre Bridge crossing stay alight for an entire phases with no cars waiting (or approaching).

A little further investigating and I found that it may be law for the lights to have these sensors fitted, but there is no law that they have to be used. How very British!

It seems that the lights can simply be set on timer and left!

Hopefully my carefully chosen words have galvanised the official into action and at this very moment he is hot footing it to Tenbury to set the lights properly.

Will the jams dissolve if the lights are set correctly?

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