Sunday, 5 August 2007

Not without hope

This morning I sat gently fuming, sitting at the now familiar red light in Market Street, contemplating what I would like to do to the person who set the phasing on the lights. No other cars passed me as I waited for the green phase in Teme Street and the one on Kryewood Road. The sensors are very obviously not working.

As I turned the corner there was a contractors truck, with a very natty hand written sign saying "on emergency call" Horaah they had come to sort out (or even perhaps to remove) the traffic lights.

Many hours later I returned to Tenbury with a renewed sence of optimismn. As I approached the Kyrewood Road lights they were green. (even though no other cars were in front of me, and cars were waiting in Teme Street) Just as I reached the lights they turned red. Could the sensors be working in reverse? I think my paranoia is showing.

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